About Company


PINK RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER (PR-DC) is a privately held military-licensed aerospace company based near Belgrade, Serbia, and has an office in Washington, D.C., USA. It features complete in-house research & development and covers everything from design and verification to finished product production. The company is dedicated to producing state-of-the-art drones and equipment in compliance with applicable military standards, using the most advanced composite materials, latest electronics, and propulsion systems. From electric motors, propellers, all kinds of software, autopilots, and electronic systems to carbon-fiber-based structures, everything is designed and produced by PR-DC. This means that products are made in Europe. They are reliable, easy to maintain, simple to use, and ready to operate in some of the most demanding environments. Using the latest achievements in aerospace engineering, programming, electronics, and materials science, it is possible to develop better aircraft for a fraction of the cost of market-leading aircraft made in accordance with military standards.

The main products are electric rotary-wing drones with a maximum payload capacity ranging from 1 kg up to 250 kilograms (IKA drone lineup), these drones have market unique capabilities. They are primarily designed for close-range missions and missions where there is a need for hovering, larger payload mass, vertical take-off and landing. The second product category is mixed-wing drones (fixed-wing drones capable of vertical take-off and landing) for missions demanding greater speed and longer range. They feature electric propulsors or small jet engines. These drones are tested with many different payloads, including very sophisticated sensors, in different environments and at altitudes of more than 6000 m. The last product category includes different loitering munition - kamikaze drones.

Behind each solution embedded into any final product, behind every idea and even the smallest detail, behind every single decision, proudly stands the team of people, the backbone and the most valuable asset of the company. Engineers are mostly from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, where everything started 90 years ago and the company is very proud of long aerospace history in this region. The company was started from a long-standing family business combined with young engineering talents and Pink Media Group (PMG) company. PMG has branched business including the largest media broadcaster in Eastern Europe and a business aviation company specialized in VIP and corporate aviation services.