About Company


PINK RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER (PR-DC) is a privately held aerospace company based near Belgrade, Serbia. It features full in-house research & development and covers everything from design and verification to finished product production. Currently, main products are electric rotary-wing drones with maximum payload capacity ranging from 1 kg up to 250 kg. These drones are part of the IKA product line, but there are many other showcase projects attracting public attention, like flying cars and jet suits. Drones and other products are developed by a group of young engineers that are part of numerical computations, production, electronics, power sources and propulsion, full-stack programming, and testing teams. The company operates state-of-the-art workshops for composite materials, custom electronics, and software.

Engineers working in the R&D center are mostly from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, where everything started 90 years ago and the company is very proud of long aerospace history in this region. The company was started from a long-standing family business combined with young engineering talents and Pink Media Group (PMG) company. PMG has branched business including the largest media broadcaster in Eastern Europe and a business aviation company specialized in VIP and corporate aviation services.