Jovana Letunica

Marketing And Public Relations Manager at PR-DC

Short Biography

Jovana Letunica is a Sales and PR Manager at PR-DC. She was born on January 20th, 1994, in Kruševac, Serbia, and holds a Master's degree in Political Science.

Jovana completed her primary and secondary education in Belgrade and went on to complete her Undergraduate Studies in Journalism and Communication at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade in 2017. After graduation, she pursued a Master's degree in Public Administration, Local Self-Government, and Public Policies, which she successfully completed in 2020.

Following the completion of her formal education, Jovana began her professional career as a Public Relations (PR) professional at the Information Secretariat of the City of Belgrade, where she worked for four years. During her tenure, she developed and implemented effective communication strategies and campaigns to promote the City's activities and initiatives, becoming an integral member of the team.

After her time at the Information Secretariat, Jovana worked as a Project Assistant at the Public Policy Institute for a year before joining PR-DC in early 2023. She has already made significant contributions to the company's success.

Jovana's impressive academic background and professional experience have equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and skills in the areas of sales and public relations. Jovana's passion for creating effective communication strategies and her ability to craft clear and compelling messaging and build strong relationships with clients and colleagues have earned her a reputation as a highly skilled and reliable team player.