Serbian company PR-DC premiers its drone offering at UMEX 2022

Abu Dhabi, UMEX 2022 trade show - Serbian aerospace company PR-DC (Pink Research and Development Center), stand 06-C19, premiered their latest drone offering for the first time at UMEX.

Showcasing their R&D and serial drone production effort, PR-DC brought its IKA-20 serial produced commercial drone line with high hopes of securing sales in the utility segment of the movie industry, civil defense and emergency services applications.

- We are a family-owned and operated business with several decades of experience in designing aircraft. Our joint venture with the Pink Media Group, the largest media production company in Southeast Europe, called Pink Research and Development Center, propelled us to the serial production of several drones.

Our pride is in the fact that we design the structure, electronics and software and manufacture our drones in our Belgrade facility. UAV's that we presented today at UMEX represent our custom designs that span out of specific movie industry requirements and use cases that we have already proven. - said Milos Petrasinovic, Co-Owner and Aerospace engineer at PR-DC.

Pink Research and Development Center presented the IKA-20 multipurpose rotary-wing drone, designed and produced in-house. IKA-20 has a hexacopter configuration and carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy resin frame with a standard payload mount rail system. Optimal payload mass is provisionally set at 20 kilograms with hovering endurance of 30 minutes, which can go up to one hour.

PR-DC showcased their IKA-01 drone at UMEX as well, proving the ability to scale their manufacturing and provide various UAV application solutions. IKA-01 is a multipurpose rotary-wing quadcopter configuration drone with carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy resin frame and a standard payload mount rail system. It weighs 950 grams and is capable of carrying a 1 kilogram payload for 12 minutes hovering time, or more than 20 minutes with 200g of payload.